Level Designer


Required experiences include: Experience in level designing using either QRadiant, Qoole, or Conitec's 3D GameStudio, Dedit, Unreal Editor, WorldCraft, or one of the many quake editors available today! Must have knowledge in texture art, model placement, and general game design. Perferred Experiences: 3DGS, WorldCraft.


Modeler / Animator


Required experiences include: Experience in model creation, model skinning, model animating, texture art, general character design, must have experience with at least one good modeler program. Perferred experiences: MilkShape 3D, Conitec's Modeler program, Lightwave 3D, 3D StudioMax, Anim8or, Canvas 3D, TrueSpace 3D, Blender, Maya, Animation Master, Softimage, Rhino 3D, RayDream Studio.


Texture Artist


Required experiences include: Experience in creating textures for 3D worlds, creating texture skins for models, creating animated textures for 3D worlds, at times creating web-textures for 3DGX Entertainments website. Must have experience with one of the following editors: Adobe PhotoShop, Jasc PaintShop Pro, Corel Draw, Micrografx Picture Publisher, MetaCreations Painter, or at least one good paint program. Perferred Experiences: Adobe PhotoShop 6, Jasc PaintShop Pro 7.




Required experiences include: Must have some coding experience in either Visual C++ 6, Visual Basic, Java, Assembly, or another programming language. Perferred Experiences: MicroSoft's Visual C++ 6, Visual Basic 6, Conitec's C-Script.


Sound / Music Designer


Required experiences include: Must have some experience in creating sound effects and also creating midi sounds as well! Must have created some sort of music of some kind with something! Perferred Experiences: Acid Pro 3, GoldWave, MusicStudio.



All positions listed above require that all members work together as a team and will

work closely with eachother to complete the giving projects to meet company dead lines. All positions listed above also require that you have a natural love for playing games, must also be dedicated to your work for the successful completion of company projects. If you feel that you can't be dedicated on a continual basis, Then you shouldn't send your resume nor try to contact us in any way!!! We at 3DGX Entertainment are serious about making games! If you feel like this is for you, Then you will need to send to 3DGX Entertainment the following required documents plus samples of your work or a demo of some sort!


You need to send us:


A Cover Letter, Current Resume, Examples or your work.

You can click one of the above positions that you are interested in to send us these

required documents plus attachment of a file to show us some examples of your work! A demo would be better though! After these requirements have been meet, We will contact you about the position and wage requirements that will benefit both of us. Know this also, you will also get a given percentage of royalties off of sales of company products.



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