The power behind the games of 3DGX Entertainment is the awesome 3D Engine from Conitec called the A5 Engine! You will find below a complete list detailing every powerful feature that this engine supports! Conitec works hard to keep improving this engine on a continual basis. For the budget needs of 3DGX Entertainment this engine was hard to beat for our needs! And for all that this engine supports, we have yet to find another 3D engine that offers so much for the price that conitec has to offer. Another great thing about conitec is there support of the A5 Engine, You can always get an answer from conitec about anything that you may have to ask them! You can also get great support from the customer forums as well! Our rating of conitec is five stars!



  • Six degrees of freedom, true perspective rendering
  • Fast: 70 fps in 1024x768 on low-end systems (P2-350,TNT2)
  • Supports DirectX, Direct3D, DirectSound
  • 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit color, window or fullscreen mode, up to 1600x1200
  • BSP tree, Portal and PVS culling
  • Geometric LOD and trilinear mip mapping
  • Detail textures
  • Animated 3D sprites and decals
  • Heightmap based deformable terrain for landscapes
  • Animated soft-skin models
  • Polygon level collision detection for terrain and 3D objects
  • Unlimited number of levels, objects and players
Special effects
  • Static and dynamic light sources
  • Static and dynamic shadows
  • Coloured fog areas
  • Camera portals and mirrors
  • 3D sound sources with Doppler effect
  • Alpha-channel transparency
  • Animated multi-layered sky and backdrop bitmaps
  • Procedural textures for water or lava
  • Morphing and smooth mesh deformation for models
  • Programmable particle and beam generators
  • Slow motion / quick motion effect
  • Unlimited programmable 2D and 3D effects (lens flares, bullet holes etc.)


  • Multiple 3D windows and real-time cameras for 1st or 3rd person views, side scrollers, split screen, zoom, remote or missile cameras
  • Arbitrary axis (quaternion) rotations for space and flight simulators
  • Path tracking for camera, actors or vehicles
  • 3D objects can be taken or manipulated with mouse in real time
  • Full programmable and customizable through javascript style language
  • C-Script compiler, debugger, single step and console mode
  • DLL interface and SDK for external C++ and Delphi functions
  • CD Audio, MID and WAV support for music and 3D sounds
  • Save / Load feature for resuming games at arbitrary positions
  • Integrated 2D engine for background pictures, 2D sprites, panels, buttons, sliders, overlays, text, screenshots, and movie scenes
  • Two-player mode via split screen, serial cable, or modem
  • Multi-player client/server mode via network (IPX) or Internet (TCP/IP,UDP)
  • Multizone/multiserver support for massive online multiplayer games
  • End user level editor for distribution together with game







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